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About Us

CIDESCO International SPA Therapist
CIDESCO International Beauty Therapist
ADVANCED DIPLOMA for Beauty Therapist
JEJA Aroma Therapist


KWON Ginam
Owner Therapist


  タカラインターナショナルエステティクビューティカレッジにてエステ、スパを学び、北海道の雛の座(鶴賀グループ)にて修行を積み、現在、”Refresh Yard NEO SPA”にてサロンのキーパーを務める。
 ”Refresh Yard NEO SPA”でのスパ、エステティック、メンタルのリフレッシュ、美容を通じてクライアントの健康の基盤を整え免疫力の向上、体質の改善を促し、心と体の健やかな活動、生活をお客さまとともに作りあげることをお手伝いしています。



 To learn esthetic, SPA by Takara International Beauty College, and to take a traning at "Hina-no-Za"(Tsuruga-Groups) in Hokkaido, and to serve the salon keeper at "Refresh Yard NEO SPA" currently.

  Through SPA, ethetic, refresh minad and beauty to clients, to improve an immunity, healthy activity of mind and body, and help to build up a life prompted the the reform fix the foundation of the clients.

  I have a misCsion to disseminate an autonomic morepositive of many cliens, inyoung women, elderly, handicapped and to contribute to society improve the quality of appropriate esthetic services that are safe and reliable.

 RefreshYard NEO SPA aims to be able to be recognized by a customer as a spa with difference in a human hospitality by the viewpoint of the citizen and the social angle, sympathize and get backing as the spa where wellness, anti-aging and a lifestyle are carried.

Refresh Yard NEO SPAは、CIDESCO International スパ・セラピストのSPAサロンです。

CIDESCO International は、適切なエステティックの普及をめざす

 What is CIDESCO ?

       CIDESCOとは ?

    有する機関です。 CIDESCOのセラピストは、骨格、筋肉、皮、細胞の専門知識の習得、国際試験に


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